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Camero. A company reality with over 80 people that has been a synonym of high level metal construction quality since 1970, when it was established by the brothers Paolo and Sergio Camero.
Over the years, the company has grown alongside the evolution and growth of iron and steel making technologies and this has enabled it to satisfy customer needs fast with absolute quality. Also thanks to the large warehouse and the oxy-fuel division set up inside the 32,000 sq m head office.
Certifications prove this group’s ability to face any challenge with know-how and absolute value quality, implemented through an engineering team able to develop any structural and architectural project in real time.

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soa camero

Quality Certification for public works.

soa camero
sincert camero
Iso 9001:2008 certification

Camero srl · via Olmo, 16 · Boschi Sant'Anna- Verona (Italy) · phone 044299177 · fax 044299577 · e-mail: · P.IVA 02312240233